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Letters of Black Fire – A Conversation on the Sacred Nature of the Hebrew Letters

New - Article with Stephen and Eleanor in the latest edition of Parabola magazine.

Webinar with Eleanor and the renowned Mystic, Author and Scholar Andrew Harvey

In Communion with Creation – Eleanor O’Hanlon and Andrew Harvey in live Conversation sharing their experiences of deep communion with the natural word.

This live webinar took place in December – now available to watch here.

Andrew Harvey
Mystic and Scholar Andrew Harvey

Events & Courses in the Spirit of Nature Connection

See below for recent and forthcoming Events and Courses with Eleanor O’Hanlon.

Eleanor O'Hanlon

Lesssons in Living from our Wild Animal Kin

A 10-week online course live on Zoom. Beginning Monday 19 February 2024 at 19.30 CET Learn from the spirit of life wisdom brought to us by our fellow animals – wolves and horses, beavers and bears, birds, elephants and whales

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Online Conversations in the Spirit of Nature Connection

Eleanor O’Hanlon with leading nature photographers, wildlife biologists, conservationists and other spiritual and ecological voices.

One of the surest ways to raise consciousness is to speak of what we know and love with others. In these conversations we take space to explore our personal experiences of inner connectedness with wild animals and nature, and the depth of meaning these bring to our lives.

The aim of each conversation is to share the heightened sense of aliveness, and creativity that emerges through our bond with nature, and pass these sparks of warmth and light from one person to another.

It is through our shared love, and delight in the natural world, that a fresh sense of its immense value arises – one that is far less materialistic, because it comes from who we really are, at the deeper level of our being.

Eleanor O'Hanlon
Gray Whales Eye

The Spirit of Sacred Nature Online Course

Restoring the Spirit of Connection to the Natural World – A 10-Week Online Course with Eleanor O’Hanlon and Stephen Pope. Free Introductory Session will be on Friday 24 September 2021 at 19.00 CET via Zoom. The web of life is

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Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg

Live on Zoom -Sept 24
An exploration for Yom Kippur

Eleanor in conversation with Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, of New North London Synagogue​ and others. A conversation on learning forgiveness from the gray whales. Join us Live: Contact me for Zoom link. Rabbi Jonathan is an author, co-founder of Eco-Synagogue and

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