Eyes of the Wild Journeys of Transformation with the Animal Powers

The Nautilus Gold Book Award Winner 2014 for Nature Writing

“The most moving and evocative book I have read on the natural world.” 5 Star Review Amazon.co.uk

Eyes of the Wild is the Nautilus Gold Book Award winner for Nature 2014
The cover image of Eyes of the Wild, showing whales with human swimmer, comes from a carving on the coastal rocks of Kodiak Island, Alaska, on the gray whale migration route and the ancestral lands of the Alitak people. By kind permission

The Ancient Understanding of Animals as guides to inner knowledge and the soul comes alive in close encounters with some of the most magnificent creatures of the wild.

From the Arctic pack ice to the gray whale birthing lagoons of Baja California, Eyes of the Wild takes the reader on an epic personal journey to meet whales and wolves, brown bears, polar bears and wild horses. The journey is guided by outstanding biologists and other observers, men and women who are renewing an ancient way of relationship with the wild.

Their scientific research meets the indigenous wisdom and storytelling from the shamanic, Native American and Celtic Christian spiritual traditions, which understand the animals as guides to deeper relationship with life.

“This wonderful book takes us to the land of Whale, Bear, Wolf and Horse, and describes the path of the shaman with a good degree about biology, indigenous cultures, mythology and travel adventure as well. A delight of a book, beautifully written and full of insight. I read and savoured every word and didn’t want this book to end.”  Maddy Harland Editor Permaculture Magazine.

“Through her journeys and powerful connections with the people and animals she encounters, Eleanor O’Hanlon shows how to find inner freedom if we meet the natural world on its own terms. Eyes of the Wild is a rare and wonderful book. Its treatment of nature is holistic. The author will take you deeper into wild places on many levels.”
Rick Minter, Editor, ECOS, Journal of the British Association of Nature Conservationists

“It has become a cliché to say of books that they are ‘important’ or ‘beautifully written’. Yet this book is truly both. It is one that touches on our deepest bonds with animals, with Life and the Universe…..O’Hanlon does not preach or bury the reader under scientific fact, rather she draws the reader into the labyrinth of these wild and beautiful beings…I found this book rekindled and renewed my own connection with the wild.” Dr Haydn Washington. Human Dependence on Nature.

“We fell in love with this book the moment we saw it. Eleanor O’’Hanlon takes us into the magnificent wilderness areas still remaining on Earth to experience the wisdom and wonder of the natural connection between animals, the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and the waking of the soul within each person. Her eloquent descriptions of the stunning landscapes and the wild creatures she meets will fill you with understanding, love and respect for the animal-beings with whom we share this planet.”

Cygnus Books March 2013

“I could not recommend this book more highly. In a heartfelt, eloquent tribute to the mysterious connection between human beings and wild animals, Eleanor O’Hanlon takes the reader on a remarkable personal journey of close encounters, including the “friendly” gray whales that migrate to Mexico’s Baja peninsula, an account that is both riveting and deeply moving.”… Dick Russell  Eye of the Whale Epic Passage from Baja to Siberia.


“By far, this is one of the most beautifully written works of art I have read for many years. ..I look forward to reading more books written by this author with great anticipation. Deeply impressive.” Amazon.co.uk

Meeting the gaze of a gray whale mother in the San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico, where the gray whales go each year to mate and give birth.

From the Introduction to Eyes of the Wild
“Writing Eyes of the Wild took me to places of great elemental power – the Russian taiga foreest, the Siberian coast of the Bering Strait, the Northern Rockies, the High Arctic and the edges of the Arctic pack ice.
These journays with gray whales, wolves, bears and wild horses affected me very deeply. The power of the landscape, the presence of the animals and the dynamic flow of energy through the wild called back aspects of my own being that I had long neglected or forgotten, and inspired me to explore the inner realities of the psyche and soul in ways I had not dared before.
I began to realize that I was being drawn into the deep current that has run through many human cultures for tens of thousands of years – the natural connection between the animals, the rhythms and cycles of the Earth and the waking of the soul within each one of us.” Eleanor O’Hanlon
Eleanor O'Hanlon

Eleanor O’Hanlon. Author Profile Earth Books

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One thought on “Eyes of the Wild Journeys of Transformation with the Animal Powers

  1. Eleanor I loved your book and the connection with the wild and the earth. Many times I felt some of the magic you experienced and felt myself return ‘home’. It is one of those books that I will return to again and again. Thank you from the depths of my soul. Janice

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