Online Course The Spirit of Nature Connection Receiving Wisdom and Guidance from the Wild

Gray Whales Eye

Awakening the Senses and the Soul with the Wisdom of Wild Animal Teachers.

8-Week Online Course With Eleanor O’Hanlon and Stephen Pope

Thursday 14 April to Thursday 2 June on Zoom at 19.30 CET

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Session 1 Thursday 14 April at 19.30 CET

The Great Whales are Breathing the Ocean Alive.

Following the blue whale, the largest being the planet has ever known, through the oceans off the Azores, and listening to their breathing, we reconnect with the conscious breath, here and now. Breathing with awareness brings peace, inner spaciousness, and deeper awareness of who we really are.

We introduce simple practices for breathing consciously and harmonising our energies while enjoying the time we can spent out in nature.

Blue Whale surfacing off the Azores. No other creature on earth takes so deep a breath. The exhalation of the blue whale rises 5 metres or more in a mist plume from the surface of the sea. Photo Stephen Pope

Session 2 Thursday April 21 2022 19.30 CET.

The Wild Horses move in Balance with the Energies of the Wild

In the beauty, strength and courtesy of wild horses, we recognise the beauty of our own aliveness. In classical philosophy, in mythology and many shamanic practices, the Way of the Horse was a path leading to graceful and harmonious alignment with the flow of vital energies through the natural world. Horses show us the joy of moving freely, and feeling our natural flow, and our companionship with all the beings of nature, visible and invisible.

With guided meditation taking us into the vital energy body and a meditative practice to enjoy outdoors.

This band of bachelor stallions move through the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The horses come from a community of re-wilded horses who live among wolves, brown bears and mountain lions. Photo Maureen Enns. All rights reserved.

Session 3 Thursday 28 April 2022

The Wolves bring Healing to the Land.

Travelling with the wolves to Yellowstone in the Northern Rockies, we listen to them howl and discover the many ways they have revitalised the land and brought dynamic balance to the whole community. Where wolves return, natural vitality is restored. In the wisdom traditions of many indigenous peoples, wolves also appear as potent healers in the inner landscapes of the human psyche and the soul – they are guides to liberating old energies and releasing what no longer helps us in life.

With guided meditation and a practice to enhance the sensitivity of sight and hearing while walking or sitting in nature.

One of the Yellowstone wolves conveying a sense of calm authority in the gaze. Photos US Fish and Wildlife Services.

Session 4 Thursday May 5 19.30 CET

The Owl are Sounding the Magic of the Night

For thousands of years, owls have been revered as messengers that travel between the different dimensions of reality. They are the bringers of guidance from the mysterious realm of dreams and intuition that is beyond the reach of the daylight mind. We explore this beautiful mythology of owls as messengers, and meet some of these magnificent birds in the splendour of the Arctic and the depths of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

With guided meditation to strengthen intuitive awareness, and sensory practices to sharpen the sense of sight and hearing while enjoying time outdoors.

The beautiful bird that is known as the “screech owl” looking out from its home in the tree.

Session 5 Thursday May 12 19.30 CET

The Bears move in Harmony with the Rhythms and Cycles of the Earth.

Among the most ancient of all the animal wisdom teachers, bears bring powerful medicine – showing us how to enter into harmony with the natural cycles of waking and sleeping, creativity and rest. When the bear mother emerges in spring from her winter sleep, she brings out new life – the cubs that she birthed and nurtured in the winter darkness of her den.

In this session we meet the brown bears of the magical forests of northern Finland, where bears have long been loved and revered in story and mythology. And experience a guided meditation to enter a deeper state of rest and relaxation that completely restores our energy.

With more practices to enhance the senses of touch and smell and add pleasure to our time in nature.

Eleanor sitting with the renowned brown bear biologist Professor Valentin Pazhetnov and one of the brown bear cubs he rescued and raised to return to the wild. Photo Staffan Widstrand

Session 6 Thursday May 19 19.30 CET

The Buffalo Stand in Sovereign Strength on the Ground.

Buffalo are returning to the wild, after their great herds were brought to the edge of extinction in both Europe and North America. We travel to meet the rewilded buffalo that are being brought back into landscapes across Europe, and meet the wild African buffalo of the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Feeling their potent presence, we sense again the deep underlying strength of the natural world, and come back into the rooted strength of our own human-animal nature.

This European Bison (Bos Bonasus) is in Kennemerduinen National Park, Kraansvlak, The Netherlands. Photo by Staffan Widstrand. All rights reserved.

Session 7 Thursday May 26 19.30 CET

The Elephants are our Elders, and Teachers of Natural Leadership

The qualities of natural leadership are exemplifed in the majestic elephant elders, both female and male, who bring the knowledge and wisdom of their long life experience into raising and mentoring their young to adulthood. Taking the elephants as our teachers, we learn how natural leadership, and the life experience of elders, can enhance relationships in human families and groups for the benefit of all.

Elephant family in the Okavango Delta Botswana. Photo/Stephen Pope

Session 8 Thursday 2 June 19.30 CET

The Songs of Great Whales are Heard in the Sea.

Coming full circle, we return to where we began with the oceanic breathing of the whales. Realizing the great circle of life, we realize our common spiritual origin, the Source from which all life emerges.
The humpbacks and many other great whales express the expansive nature of their belonging in the songs, that resonate out, across the vastness of the sea. Listening to their voices expands awareness, and brings realisation that the wonder of human creativity is also part of the great Song of Life, and we are supported by the whole of nature.

With guided meditation to experience the great circle of life with our companions, animal and plant and mineral, and all life forms.

Blue Whale diving to feed on krill during their spring migration into the waters off the Azores. Photo Stephen Pope

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Eleanor O’Hanlon and Stephen Pope

Eleanor and Stephen in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.

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